Product Range

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    Epoxy coatings are non-weather able finishes which possess outstanding chemical and mechanical properties. Epoxy Powders are the combination of pure epoxy resins cross-linked with proprietary hardeners. This chemistry of powder coating finds its applications where maximum corrosion and chemical resistance is required. Epoxy powders are very practical coatings for Bathroom Fittings, pipes, Valves, Ceiling panels, Office Furniture, Automotive, Metal cabinets, Sports and recreation equipment, power tools, Fire extinguishers, Safety equipment, Wire goods
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    Epoxy Polyester
    The Tux Coat Epoxy Polyester range of powder coatings is a general-purpose coating based on epoxy-polyester resin blend used in general metal coating and domestic appliances. This type of powder coating system is typically used where the hard, durable finish of an epoxy coating is necessary, but with added superior heat stability.
    Typical applications include coatings for domestic appliances, office furniture and Machines and Equipment
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    Pure Polyester
    Tux Coat Pure Polyester is an exterior polyester powder coating and was designed for architectural use where superior gloss and colour retention are required. This is achieved through the superior UV stability and weathering resistance that this range possesses. Pure Polyester powders are good for outdoor use where considerable amount of sunlight is present. They have good weathering and mechanical properties and resistance to over baking.
    This is best suited for Aluminium Sections, Grills, Architectural Paneling Automotive parts, Irrigation pipes & Fixtures, Outdoor furniture/Equipments & Farm Equipments.
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    Polyurethane powders are formulated as a superior polyurethane system for many external applications in the automotive industry. These powders are suitable for interior as well as exterior applications.
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    Super Durable
    Tux Coat super Durable powders are manufactured from functional epoxy resins to create fusion-bonded epoxy powder coatings. These coatings are used to provide high corrosion protection and chemical resistance to the coating of pipelines and valves.